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How do you feel about the Development of Enterprises and Services Hub (DESH) Bill?

Government of India plans to replace the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Act, 2006 with a new legislation entitled Development of Enterprises and Services Hub (DESH) Bill, 2002. With global disruptions like Covid 19, US-China trade war, Russia-Ukraine war , ‘near shoring and reshoring of companies’ there was a need for relook. The DESH Bill is conceived to provide a relatively better business framework than that of SEZ Act as it allows domestic tariff area (DTA) sales but subject to duty equalisation levy in order to ensure parity with the DTA units. It seems to be a good move as it aims to bring scale, scope, system and synergy to India’s manufacturing operations. However the DESH Bill needs to synchronise with the PLI and ODOP, the flagship schemes of Atmanirbhar Bharat. What more needs to be done ? Please share your opinion with us.

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