How can we balance meeting ESG Goals with Energy Security?

India’s non-fossil fuel energy capacity, including hydel and nuclear stands at close to 170 GW, @ around 41% of total electricity capacity of 403 GW. But, in India, as elsewhere in the world, renewables could not plug the energy deficit caused by reduced supplies of coal and gas. India fell back on fossil fuel and produced 778 Million Tonnes of coal in 2021-22, compared to 716 MT in the previous year.  This is because thermal power is 75% of power generated in India. Hence, though we have to meet ESG coals, can we compromise our Energy Security?  We do not think we can.  Given the constraints, we also need to work on our renewable capacity. In June 2022, the solar capacity was at 57,705 MW against a target of 1, 00,000 MW. Similarly, Wind Power capacity was 40,788 MW against the target of 60,000 MW. Hence, we need to strike a balanced path.

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