How should online gaming be regulated?

India has become home to a booming online gaming industry, fostering an attractive domestic market and an ecosystem of creative people. The online gaming market grew 28% in 2021 and is expected to generate revenue over 29,000 crore in FY 2025. But the gaming industry in India, suffers from inherent perception challenges, as some State Governments think it is gambling and led to Court intervention. The Regulation of the Industry needs more clarity for the growth to materialize from projections. We understand that the Government of India is exploring self regulation with the industry. There are numerous examples of self regulated industries abroad, but not much has been observed in India. Would self regulation succeed in checking anti-trust behavior such as restricting competition creatively, using various methods such as price controls? Competing industries for consumer time such as movies and music would need a level playing field. Maybe framing of regulations by Government would help. Till that time, maybe we can continue with self regulation.

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