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Are EVs safer than Internal Combustion Engines?

As we move towards a catowardutral future, the world is looking at Electric Vehicles (EV) as the preferred mode of transport. The Internal Combustion Engine is the lifeline of the auto and transport industry for over 140 years. EVs are essentially technological devices rather than basic mechanical engineering. There are fewer parts, fewer gears, etc, making it much less susceptible to mechanical failure. Moreover, batteries are flammable and volatile but not to the extent of combustible fuel like petrol and diesel. The fact that EVs do not come with massive front-mounted engines is an important feature. This allows the car manufacturers to bolster the vehicle’s front end with added reinforcement. Also, the battery pack is sealed and mounted on the underside of the vehicle adding an extra bit of weight. This stabilizes the EV by lowering the center of gravity. Further, EVs are designed in such a way that the charging connections only allow electricity to flow when contact between the plug and the car is complete. By analyzing features, it seems EVs are ‘Intrinsically Safe

So, what would you go for while purchasing a car? EV or ICE.

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